Treatment of cataphoresis

Cathaphoresis painting is a surface treatment intended to give metal elements and other alloys a considerable... Go

Powder Coating

Coating on metal surfaces of small and large dimensions in all shades of color. Go

Other operations

Other finishing works related coating treatments are carried out on demand according to the customer's needs Go
TREATMENTS FOR RESTORATION OF VINTAGE AND HISTORICAL VEHICLES Treatments for restoration of vintage and historical vehiclesGo;

Sectors of use

All sectors

Arco, advanced technology.

Since 1987 ARCO Srl, has carried out, with the use of the most innovative technologies and qualified personnel, industrial painting and the coating of metal surfaces."

Specializing in the treatment of cataphoresis and powder coating of special metal and other alloys the company also offers services such as sandblasting, sanding, sealing and masking.

ARCO Srl uses cutting-edge technology and provides high-level performance, through automated systems that allow you to treat even very large objects and complex shapes

For more information on industrial painting or other work performed by ARCO Srl, contact the company now. Experienced and qualified staff will answer all your questions quickly and competently.


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