Mechanical procedures with which we erode the most superficial part of a material by spraying the item with a stream of steel grit or abrasive sand

Sandblasting consists in a mechanical process that erodes the outermost part of a material through a spray of steel grit or abrasive sand.

The areas of application of sandblasting are numerous. Sandblasting on iron, steel, cast iron and other metals is, in fact, a process used both in the industrial-mechanical sector and in construction. In particular, sandblasting treatments for metal items are recommended when the materials to be coated have problems of oxidation, oxides from laser cutting and/or welding, or calamine and you want to guarantee a proper adhesion of the paint to the workpiece.

Synonymous with quality and high performance, ARCO Srl has the necessary expertise for the realization of industrial sandblasting, executed with high quality standards and with the most innovative technologies.

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