Treatment of

Cathaphoresis painting is a surface treatment intended to give metal elements and other alloys a considerable resistance to chemical and environmental corrosion.

The new generation epoxy resin coating system, allows the treating material up to 6.5 meters in length.

The cataphoresis treatment, epoxy-based, ensures the total coating of articles with a homogeneity of constant thickness.

Applied by electroplating, it is also recommended as a primer for powder coating, in cases which require maximum performance in terms of adhesion, durability and finish.


Maximum treatable dimensions: 6500L x 1800P x 2500H (mm)
Capacity: 1,500 Kg.

The CATAPHORESIS BLACK system is equipped with a stage of:

  • degreasing through spray and immersion
  • pickling
  • activatio
  • Phosphating with microcrystalline zinc salts
  • cataphoresis (high-penetration epoxy coating)