Powed coating

Powder coating is a process of coating metal surfaces in all shades of color.

Two powder painting plants, with manual and automatic workstations guarantee quality and constant monitoring of the application both of small details and on extremely large items.

The industrial powder coating is realized with the use of powder products with an electrostatic system. Applied as a finish or as the primer, depending on the type of coating product selected and the environment in which the manufactured article will be used, it is particularly suitable for materials that require an aesthetic and elastic coating.

The workpieces are coated with a layer of resin-based powder coating that adheres to the material by electrostatic effect, to then pass into an oven where at an average temperature of 180° the paint first melts and then polymerizes.



Maximum treatable dimensions: 6500L x 1000P x 2500H (mm)

The plant, equipped with semi-automatic powder spray booths, provides a pre-treatment that covers the item to be coated with a thick iron phosphate film. The plant is equipped with:

• a washing tunnel (8 pretreatment stages)

• a drying oven

• 3 powder spray booths (automatic + manual painting stations)

• a cooking/reticulation oven (6 temperature control zones)



Maximum treatable dimensions: 2000L x 8000P x 2000H

An interval machine, that is extremely versatile and flexible; it allows rapid color changes and the preparation even of small quantities of painted items.