Treatments for restoration of vintage and historical vehicles


Pyrolytic stripping is obtained through the application of flameless heat and following a specific progression of time and temperatures. Unlike classic blasting, the pyrolytic system is effective on all types of paint and enables a complete cleaning of the body – or parts of it – by removing any residue of paint, glue, etc., thus ensuring total cleaning, also of hidden cavities.


After paint stripping, the body undergoes pickling – a dipping treatment in chemical baths – aimed at permanently removing any oxides and superficial rust. The surface will look clean and will not experience any deformation.


The black cataphoresis surface treatment, which is applied by electrodeposition by dipping the body in an epoxy product, ensures a considerable resistance against chemical and atmospheric corrosion. The treatment acts as a primer layer for the subsequent painting, providing it with high performance features in terms of adhesion, resistance and finish.